Ongoing Projects

At MEHHRO, We are committed, passionate and proud of what we do.

Literacy Education For Afghan People (LEAP)

The Objective of this project is to improve the quality of education and promote the development of life skills among the poorest communities(including IDPs) in Kabul Province - Char Qala, District 10.

MAY 2021

DEC 2021

Eshteghal Zaiee-Karmondena Project(EZ_KAR)

MEHHRO has joined hands with a National NGO partner - Citizens Organization for Advocacy and Resilience (COAR) for a 3 year program starting in 2020 to help assist the Afghan returnees, IDPs and host-communities through a multi-sector, multi-implementation agency approach
for the short, medium and long-term measures for their economic integration through new business activities training and placement assistance for short-term jobs and training for long term employment. This project will be implemented in several major cities of Khost province.


Jan 2020

Jan 2023

Youth action for Safety and security for urban Women

The Objective of this project is to strengthen the capacity of urban youth groups to constructively engage with adults, and community people to identify problems related to safety, security, movement and protection of women and girl’s rights in urban settlement.

Jan 2019

DEC 2020